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VRium Creative Team is an independent group of international VR artists who's passion to art and technology brought them together in order to design artistic immersive VR experiences and VR worlds.

Our team is composed of theatre artists, cinema and gaming postproduction specialists, scriptwriters, art designers, graphic artists, 3D modelers, sound designers, programmers and software developers. Our goal is to become a leading VR design group who offers premium world-building services on the Metaverse.

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Design concept and production services for VR worlds, VR animations, immersive art installations, art galleries and VR performance. Art design and production services for VR animated advertisements. VR graphic design and modular design kits for social VR platforms.

VRium's team of Metaverse VR Builders create interactive, animated, immersive environments using the latest technology in extended reality. Let the VRium Creative Team realize your ideas for the Metaverse. Our team of highly qualified artists and designers will create an original design concept for you and will bring it to life.

VRium Performing Arts Space

A futuristic "acropolis of art" in the Metaverse offering a new quality of VR experiences : theatre and dance performances, VR fairy tales and live VR concerts. In this project we aim to deliver a highly emotional experience - to bring into the Metaverse the metaphysical spirit of the theatrical artwork.

The interior design-concept is based on the Theatrum Anatomicum (Anatomical Theatre). The venue is to be created as an automated theatrical VR animation machinery with various sceneries. The shows are performed by ACTROIDS - monumental automated art dolls.


ArtSpaceVR Exhibition Centre presents : The Popovy Sisters

ArtSpaceVR Exhibition Centre is designed to present the art of extraordinary artists from all around the world. Our experienced creative team offers innovative technologies and a special design for each art event. ArtSpaceVR goal is to allow arts institutions and creators to elevate their artworks and present them in a new light in the Metaverse.

We are honored to host the Popovy Sisters at ArtSpaceVR Exhibition Centre, with an innovative space design and a special collection of Fine-Art-Dolls. The Popovy Sisters themselves will attend our events and you will be able to meet them in world and explore more about their extraordinary fine-art-dolls creation. ArtSpaceVR functions as an open workshop with continuously developing VR exhibits. The fine-art-dolls will perform as "actroids" in NYMPHS - a VR Requiem. Music by >Halrum (Igor Korzhov).Visit The Experience

A Travel in Time
The Ice Age

Become a time traveller and journey back to a world in the Ice Age. A photorealistic complexed immersive animation.

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The Solar System and

Watch the Chixculub impact event which occurred 66 million years ago and the end of the era of dinosaurs on earth! New features in the extraordinary VR educational experience created by Niko. This is a complexed immersive simulation of the solar system with animated photorealistic shaders and interactive scientific presentation. Niko's Solar System is a constantly updated simulation of our solar system with accurate size ratios of planets and moons. Visit the Experience.

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